Will the Next President Enforce Citizenship Law?

Early Americans officials realized the preciousness of citizenship anchor-babyand the danger to the Republic of granting citizenship to any who did not respect the Constitution and the freedoms America offered.

If aliens might be admitted indiscriminately to enjoy all the rights of citizens… the Union might itself be endangered by an influx of foreigners hostile to its institutions, ignorant of its powers, and incapable of a due estimate of its privileges.

– Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story. Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States. Volume 3. 1833.

President Obama does not consider it precious. He believes anyone and everyone should be made a citizen. (Especially if they will become low information Democrat voters.) He has largely stopped deporting illegal trespassers, and plans to make them all citizens. Unfortunately for Obama, only Congress can grant citizenship. His pen doesn’t have the ink to do it alone.

The Constitution lists the powers of Congress. It includes the power to naturalize – to grant American citizenship to foreigners.

Article 1. Section 8.

To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization…..

It was understood that those born in America to American parents were citizens. Congress, representing the voters, was to decide who would be allowed to immigrate and be granted citizenship via naturalization.

Modern activist judges have “interpreted” the 14th Amendment to promote a number of their political desires including citizenship. The amendment was intended to address only the issue of newly freed slaves. These people were born in America, but had not been recognized as citizens. The amendment made former slaves citizens.

14th Amendment. Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside…..

Congress could have simply naturalized the former slaves under Article I. But naturalization can be revoked. Therefore the Amendment insured citizenship was not easily revocable by a future Congress. Congress reasserted its right and constitutional power to legislate naturalization in section 5 of the amendment.

The second criteria of the clause is vitally important. Being born in the US is not sufficient. To be a citizen, the person must also be “subject to the jurisdiction” of the US. It was understood at the time of passage that someone born to a non-citizen in America was NOT a citizen by birth.

The Heritage Foundation provides needed background information on the amendment. Senator Jacob Howard of Ohio, the author of the Citizenship Clause in the amendment stated: “Indians born within the limits of the United States, and who maintain their tribal relations, are not, in the sense of this amendment, born subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.” …. the requirement of “jurisdiction,” understood in the sense of “allegiance,” “will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States.

Senator Lyman Trumbull, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, supported Howard, contending that “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” meant “not owing allegiance to anybody else…subject to the complete jurisdiction of the United States.”

The author states the amendment does not grant citizenship to those babies born to non-citizens during the debate of the amendment. Anchor babies are not legal.

It’s a common sense interpretation. In the 1860’s there were no airplanes or options for quick travel across the ocean. An Ambassador’s pregnant wife may have been unable to return to her home nation before giving birth. The baby, born in America, was NOT a US citizen. The same criteria apply today to a woman hiking across the US border and delivering a baby. The Constitution does NOT make them a citizen. Congress can make them citizens, IF it chooses to.

The courts have a specific limited role in America according to the Constitution. The Supreme Court has routinely ignored the limitations placed on it. (Documented in several chapters in the Bible and Constitution Made America Great.)

Article III, Section 2.

The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, the Laws of the United States….

Note that all judges, especially the Supreme Court, which Article III discusses, are under the Constitution and under the laws passed by the Congress and signed by the President. Judges are to interpret the law. They have no power to write law or to enforce law. Those powers are given to other branches.

The founders began the Constitution with Article I and Congress, the closest branch of government to the people. Next came Article II dealing with the President. Last of the branches was the judiciary in Article III. America has three independent governmental branches, but their importance and power was intended to be in this order.

This is confirmed in Federalist #78 penned by Hamilton: The judiciary has “merely judgment; and must ultimately depend upon the aid of the executive arm even for the efficacy of its judgments…. It proves incontestably, that the judiciary is beyond comparison the weakest of the three departments of power;”

The Court was intended to act as a check on the other two branches only if they clearly violated the Constitution.

With respect to citizenship, the Supreme Court overrode the Constitution as well as the other two branches of government. In 1898 the Court ignored the original intent of the 14th Amendment, and usurped power from Congress. IT would now decide citizenship, not Congress. In US v Ark, the court ruled that a Chinese man, born in America to Chinese citizens is a US citizen – even though his Chinese parents had returned to China. Congress had decided NOT to allow Chinese laborers to be granted citizenship – a decision well within its constitutional authority. The Court simply ignored Congress, the law, and the Constitution.

The president chose to accept the Courts ruling. Following presidents have as well. But future presidents do NOT have to. In fact they should enforce the laws Congress passes. That is their constitutional duty.

In 1986 Congress naturalized a number of illegal immigrants with conditions: (1) apply within 18 months; (2) establish that they entered the United States before January 1, 1982. It was considered amnesty for those who had entered illegally.

Those who met the qualifications are now citizens. Any children they had are citizens. Any person who came to the US after 1982 is NOT a citizen. Any children born in America to non-citizens are NOT citizens. This will be true until Congress acts to grant naturalization, if Congress chooses to act.

The last major immigration law by Congress was passed in 1996. Congress did not grant any additional amnesty in this law.

The President’s duty is to follow and enforce US law as created by Congress. This means stopping the inflow of illegal immigrants at the border and deporting those illegals who are reported by communities, or illegals who apply for federal welfare benefits, or break the law in other ways.

There is no amendment needed. The Constitution is clear. Congress has legislated law. Will the next president follow it?

Each presidential candidate should be asked to state their position on citizenship for illegals, amnesty, and their willingness to enforce the law. It appears Donald Trump, Bobby Jindal, and Ted Cruz are willing to lead on enforcing the law on birthright citizenship.

It would be wise for Congress to work with states to implement a foreign worker program (for those states wanting one) where labor-help is needed. This is independent of naturalization.

Scot Wolf is the author of The Bible and Constitution Made America Great By Providing Freedom and Liberty to Citizens, available at Amazon.com, or as a Nook or Kindle eBook. http://www.restorethefoundation.com


Jeb’s Illegal Immigration Problem

Jeb Bush

Jeb’s Illegal Immigration Problem

Jeb Bush and other Establishment Republicans have a huge problem with illegal immigration. They are on the wrong side of the issue – opposed by a majority of Americans. This is represented by Donald Trump’s rise in the polls, which began with his focus on illegal immigration and his promise to build a wall to stop it.

The Constitution makes the President, Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces. Ultimately he (or she) is responsible for the nation’s security. Including border security and controlling illegal immigration.

Congress has legislated illegal immigration in the past. In 1986 it passed, and the president signed, a law to “grant legal status to illegal immigrants, crack down on employers who hired illegal workers and secure the border once and for all.” So if our border has been “secure” since 1986, how are millions of illegals crossing it? There simply wasn’t the political will to secure the border regardless of what the law stated. George H.W Bush could have built a fence and secured the border but did not do so. That failure to secure the border led to increased immigration into California, which not coincidentally, became a solid Democrat state beginning with Clinton in 1992.

In 2006 George W. Bush proposed comprehensive immigration reform stating: “An immigration reform bill needs to be comprehensive, because all elements of this problem must be addressed together”. His plan offered most of the same promises and plans of the 1986 law. If the 1986 law worked, why is a nearly identical law needed to again grant amnesty to illegal immigrants? Congress rebelled. It rejected “comprehensive reform”, but authorized 700 miles of fencing to secure the Mexican border. Bush, showing his compassion for illegals, ignored the will of Congress and the American people. He built only 32 miles of fence in his last two years in office. He, like his father, lacked the desire to enforce the law.

Jeb Bush also sees no problem with millions of illegal immigrants flooding the US job market: “Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family. This does not sound like someone willing to carry out presidential-constitutional duties of enforcing the immigration law. In addition, America already has 93+ MILLION Americans not able to find work in our economy. The jobs illegals take are jobs Americans cannot have. Where is Jeb’s compassion for these jobless Americans? The big corporations want an American labor market like the one described in “The Grapes of Wrath”, where thousands of broke farmers flooded the labor market in Depression era California, driving wages down so low, the workers could barely afford food.

But in modern America, no worries. We have a super generous welfare state so everyone gets food, housing, cable TV and the occasional video game. This generosity applies to immigrants too! 57% of immigrants used welfare (legal and illegal) in 2009. That’s before Obama began his mass importation of poor illegals. It is likely higher now. Jeb will surely continue this generosity with taxpayer dollars. Never mind that the nation is $19 Trillion in debt, adding billions more every year.

Sidenote: From a biblical standpoint, Christians are called by God to help the helpless poor, but with our own resources. Jeb doesn’t spend the Bush family fortune to help the illegals he loves so much. He turns to big government programs using other peoples money. America cannot afford to have an open border and place everybody crossing onto the welfare roles. No country can.

The unsecured border is a nightmare for those citizens living along it. One rancher along the Mexican border in southeastern Arizona has apprehended nearly 12,000 illegal aliens crossing his ranch over a 6 year period. The state of Arizona has set up a task force to clean up 2000 TONS of trash left annually by illegals crossing the border. This trash is dumped on private land, national parkland, and Native American tribal land. It truly is a shame the Bush family doesn’t have compassion for those Americans living along the border. Of course it may be different if the Bush family compound (picture) in Kennebunkport, Maine was being overrun by illegal trespassers. Most assuredly the fence would have been built to protect their property. The establishment types always take care of themselves.

This is Jeb’s illegal immigration problem. Based on his comments and the actions of his father and his brother, there is no reason to believe he will EVER secure the border as president. That is why he trails Trump in recent polling and why he will likely never be elected. It’s largely about illegal immigration.

Scot Wolf is the author of The Bible and Constitution Made America Great By Providing Freedom and Liberty to Citizens, available at Amazon.com or Nook and Kindle Ebooks. It contains a chapter on Immigration and the American Ideal. http://www.restorethefoundation.com

Constitutional Education Needed

The first settlers in America came for religious freedom, to worship God as they believed appropriate. This belief was codified into national law at the nation’s founding with the 1st Amendment which states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,

The Amendment prevented a national church of America that would discriminate against Christian denominations or other religions. All citizens were free to worship God as they wished, or to not worship Him. The 1st Amendment also strictly prevents government from “prohibiting the free exercise of” religion.

What does this mean? How was the second clause interpreted? If a public school wants to offer a religion class or graduation prayer, it is up to those who run the school – the elected school board. If a city wants to have a religious monument in a public space, it is up to the city council or mayor – elected office holders who have been placed in control. The Constitution allows voting citizens to ultimately decide what if any religion is found in the public square. This is exactly how American communities understood and practiced the right to religious freedom for 150+ years.

“Now there will probably be found few persons in this or any other Christian country who would deliberately contend that it was unreasonable or unjust to foster and encourage the Christian religion generally as a matter of sound policy as well as of revealed truth.”

– Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States. Volume 3. 1833. Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story.

While allowing freedom for all religions, America was still a nation formed by Christians, and the early governments promoted belief in the God of the Bible.

If the Constitution allowed religious activity in the public in the 1800’s, it allows it today, unless it has been amended – which it has not.

It is amazing to contrast the original Supreme Court thinking expressed by Chief Justice Story with modern court thinking. In the last century, judges began removing God from the public square, based on the judges’ personal preferences rather than constitutional text. Judges have banned the Bible from public school, banned the teaching of God as Creator, and even banned prayer at many public events.

America has gone from using the Bible to teach students how to read, to students being banned from leading a prayer. This didn’t just happen. It has been a concerted effort to remove God from the public.

There has been little if any response from America’s churches and Christians. If there is no opposing force, America will continue along the current path to secularism. What are likely next steps? The judicial forced legalization of homosexual marriage “have made sexual orientation a full-fledged protected class”. Already Christian businesses are being prosecuted for “discriminating” against homosexuals’ weddings. How long before a church is sued for not marrying a homosexual couple? Judicial logic could easily decide that there is no place in society for “hatespeech” found in the Bible regarding homosexuality. One day a suit ( $70M Suit Against Bible Publishers) like this may force printers to edit out the offensive biblical passages or face bankruptcy.

All is not lost however. America still has many faithful citizens. An abundance of citizens, armed with knowledge, can convince their representatives to stop and reverse the trend away from God. The Constitution is on our side if we use it. It is a contract between citizens and their government. But, the Bible and the Constitution have a commonality, they are mere words on a page or screen. Both are meaningless if people do not take them to heart and follow them.

The first step to returning America to her foundation of Bible and Constitution is education. Churches need to educate citizens about America’s religious heritage and the true meaning of the First Amendment. The book, The Bible and Constitution Made America Great By Providing Freedom and Liberty to Citizens, is a tool that I hope churches will use.

Scot Wolf.


Book available at Amazon.com.


Homosexual Marriage: Will a State Stand Up for the Constitution?

What to do when a Supreme Court Ruling violates the Constitution? This question should never have to be asked, because judges swear an oath to perform their duties “under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.” But what if a judge ignores the Constitution when ruling? Let’s examine this with respect to marriage.

What does the Constitution state on marriage? A word search will confirm that “marriage” does not appear in the constitutional text. Article I lists numerous powers granted to Congress. Defining marriage is not among them. Therefore, logical reading of the Constitution places that power at state level per the 10th Amendment.

Amendment X. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Obviously some current judges are not logical in their judicial rulings. The judges attempting to legalize homosexual marriage refer to the 14th Amendment in their arguments. This was ratified post Civil War to stop southern state governments from depriving black Americans of their constitutional rights.


Section 1. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Section 5. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

So the activist judges are claiming in their recent ruling, is states are violating a homosexual citizen’s right to marry with state laws that define marriage a man-woman union. First, assuming this is true, Amendment 14 clearly gives Congress the power to enforce the amendment with legislation. The Courts have no power to enforce.

Second, is there really a constitutional right for two men or two women to marry? Judicial logic of the recent homosexual marriage ruling claims that state laws restricting behavior violate a citizen’s liberty. But states do this all the time. States require citizens to be a certain age to buy cigarettes and alcohol. States make it illegal for felons to buy guns. States make certain drugs like cocaine illegal. States define consensual sex as rape if the girl is too young. States regulate marriage to prevent incest or sibling unions, and even require a certain age before allowing citizens to marry. So if the 14th Amendment prevents states from regulating marriage, it surely prevents them from regulating these other behaviors as well. Absurd. The Constitution’s 14th Amendment simply does not provide rights for any of these behaviors.

Article. VI. of the Constitution requires state governors and legislatures swear an oath to uphold the Constitution as well. Note support the Constitution; Not rulings of Judges, especially if those rulings violate the actual words of the Constitution.

What State will stand up for the Constitution by keeping their power to define and regulate marriage?

A book for Christians and American citizens.

Book Cover 4 1000sq

Very briefly, Why is each chapter in the book?

Chapter 2. Free Will from God, Liberty from Government – God created humans with free will. A good government should protect and promote free will of its citizens.

Chapter 3. Creation and Evolution: Two Competing Theories – The author believes there is stronger evidential support for Creation, but neither can be proven with scientific method.

Chapter 4. God’s Death Penalty – God the Creator has the power and authority to administer this sanction on His creation.

Chapter 5. The Bible on Holy War – Put the book of Joshua into proper context. Christ teaches evangelism via peaceful teaching. This is not as true with Islam, which has used Jihad to spread.

Chapter 6. The Old Testament Government Established by God – Review of the government established by God with the Mosaic Law.

Chapter 7. God’s New Covenant – In the new testament, followers of God live in many countries under many governments.

Chapter 8. The Rich and The Poor – What the Bible states about wealth and poverty. Where does the Constitution place anti-poverty programs? Has the federal government succeeded in the “war on poverty”?

Chapter 9. Taxation in the Bible – What kinds of taxes are in the Bible?

Chapter 10. America’s Religious Christian Heritage – Religion and faith is present in America’s founding documents and monuments.

Chapter 11. Religion and Choice in Schools – Religion used to be taught in schools. School curriculum should be decided locally, with parents having the ability to choose the school their children attend.

Chapter 12. United States Constitution – A review of the founding document that defines the scope of the national government. It is a contract between the citizens and their government.

Chapter 13. Freedom of Religion, First Amendment – How an amendment that prevents the federal government from controlling religious expression, has been abused by judges to control religious expression.

Chapter 14. Judges and Senators – Judges have distorted the Constitution, but Senators place those judges on the courts. Shouldn’t citizens hold their senators responsible for the judges they confirm?

Chapter 15. Abortion in the Bible and Constitution – What the Bible and Constitution state about this divisive topic.

Chapter 16. Homosexuality and Marriage – Homosexual acts are sins, but should the government prosecute them? Never before in history has a same-sex relationship been called “marriage”, much less been recognized as one by governments.

Chapter 17. Slavery in the Bible and America – Genesis teaches our common ancestry. Slavery goes against God’s plan for human free will. America’s struggle to abolish the practice.

Chapter 18. Immigration and The American Ideal – Historically, immigrants flocked to America to embrace her Constitution and the freedoms the nation offered. Is that still true today, or is there a goal to “change” America?

Chapter 19. The Federal Government’s Financial Crisis – Lists many examples of the incompetence of the federal government’s spending. When does the government debt really harm the nation?

Chapter 20. The Solution: Return to The Constitution – The federal government’s overspending problem can best be solved by transferring many responsibilities to the states, where the Constitution placed them.

Chapter 21. Health Care Cost Crisis and Solution – Does government involvement cause healthcare costs to increase? How to make healthcare affordable.

Chapter 22. Social Security – The demographics allowed politicians make themselves look caring while they over-promised citizens. How to fix the program.

Chapter 23. Political Bias in the News Media – Anecdotal and quantitative examples of the media choosing political sides and the effect it has on elections.

Chapter 24. Christians No Longer Welcome in Democrat Party – Bible following Christians that is. Sadly party leaders have booed God at their convention, embraced sinful acts in their platform, and verbally attacked Christian businesses.

Chapter 25. Federal Elections: Return to the Constitution – Americans can only return to the Constitution by voting for those representatives who will follow it.

Using Immigration to Destroy America

The article, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota is responsible for the Somali chaos in St. Cloud , points out the foolish policy that will negatively affect Minnesota for decades to come.

“That supposedly ‘Christian’ charitable organization is directly responsible for the high Somali numbers in St. Cloud, and they are jointly responsible for bringing over ten thousand Somalis from around the world to colonize Minnesota towns in the last ten years alone—Catholic Charities and World Relief MN (now Arrive Ministries)*** helped also.  Of course they have brought many more than 10,000 in over two decades and not just Somali Muslims!”

The importation of Muslims, why America still faces Islamic terror threats, brings to mind two historical comparisons:
1. In Ancient Israel the people were supposed to honor their covenant with God. Baal worship was a problem. Would it have been a good idea for a king to import Baal worshipers from other nations?
2. During World War II, America was fighting Nazi Germany. Would it have been a good idea to resettle large numbers of Nazi’s in America while the battles raged on? Not Germans persecuted by Nazis, but full fledged believers in the Nazi ideology.

The obvious answer to both questions is NO. It is a very bad idea to bring in people who do not share America’s culture, or respect the ultimate law, the Constitution. Instead these “refugees” are devoted to bringing Sharia law wherever they go. (Chapter 18, Immigration and the American Ideal, focuses on the immigrants we should be bringing in to America, and those that will cause problems by failing to integrate with society.)  Some of these new Minnesotans have joined ISIS and fight against America.  Is it healthy for any nation to import those hostile to it?

This is also why the federal government should NOT be funding “charities”, religious or otherwise. Lutheran Social Services MN receives multiple millions of dollars from the federal government. They are serving as useful idiots to undermine America. That is the America with a Christian heritage, and a Constitutional government.

One would expect a community organizer like Obama to carry out this type of scheme. He campaigned on “transforming America”. One would not expect a GOP controlled House of Representatives to fund such activity, but they routinely have.
It does no good to vote for Republicans that allow this. We need to vote for representatives who will actively fight to protect the foundation of America.