About the Book

The Bible and Constitution Made America Great

by Providing Freedom and Liberty to Citizens
is  available at Amazon.com.

The book explains the foundations of America, the Bible and Constitution.


From:  The Bible and Constitution Made America Great

Freedom and liberty. God gives it to humans. Government can protect it or take it away from citizens.

There is abundant evidence of America’s biblical Christian heritage in government. The Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, and state constitutions refer reverently to God.

In American society: The Bible is a guide for the life of the individual. The Constitution is the rulebook for government. Both documents promote human freedom and liberty.

The national government in America has never been a Theocracy. It has no authority to mandate how citizens worship God, or how they care for their neighbor.


The solutions to most of America’s current problems can be found by returning to the Constitution.

Numerous federal government programs and agencies need to be transferred to states, their proper constitutional place.

State control of these programs increases citizens’ freedom by allowing them to tailor their government to specific state needs. This is especially true in America today, with the citizenry deeply divided on the size and role government should play in society.

Citizens should cast votes for presidents and senators who will nominate and confirm judges who will treat the Constitution as a rulebook.


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